Announcements Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Dixon High School
Dixon High School



Wednesday, September 27th, 2017


The Learning Center is open after school in the library.  Do you need help with homework?  Well we have tutors here to help you!  So come to the library after school for help with your homework.9-28

Homecoming is this week on Saturday September 30th from 8 to 11! Bids are being sold Monday through Thursday singles are $25 and doubles are $30 . We are also selling at the door the day of the dance all bids will be $30. Get ready for a Night in the City! 9-28

Come get Tacos and Smoothies Friday at lunch. Trucks will be located on the black top. Tacos are $2 and Smoothies are $5. DON’T MISS OUT!!!!!! 9-28

Our homecoming football game has the opportunity to be TELEVISED!! Each week a Fox 40 reporter attends and films a local high school football game. This week it could be our game! Go to, click on “Papa Murphy’s Final Quarter Friday Fan Favorite” at the top of the page and vote for the Dixon game. You can vote an unlimited amount of times. So far we’re in 2nd place. Let’s all vote to have our homecoming game on T.V. for everyone to see!  9-28

Do you think that schools ought to be a safe place for all people regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation or expression?  If so, be an ALLY.  Come sign the pledge to show your support under the S-building during lunch Wed., Thursday and Friday.  9-29

The GSA will be having the bake sale on Thursday after school.  9/28

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