Announcements Friday, January 19th, 2018
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Friday, January 19, 2018
Dixon High School
Dixon High School



Friday, January 19th, 2018


Anderson School is looking for volunteers to assist with Explorit Family Science Night on Thursday, January 25 from 5:30-7:45pm at Anderson School.  Please contact Liz Mayoral at 707-693-6360 or email: 1-19

The 2018-19 AP Biology and APES class lists have been posted on Mrs. West and Ms. Benner’s windows! Check it out! 1-19

Students, who registered for Credit Recovery, stop by the Counseling Office to verify enrollment in Credit Recovery on Friday, January 19. Credit Recovery starts Monday, January 22. 1-19

Are you the next “American Idol” or “The Voice” champion? Let’s find out. Sign up for choir. Please see Mr. Coulson if you have any questions. 1-19

Attention Spring Sports athletes. There will be a Mandatory Parent Meeting for SPRING SPORTS on Monday, January 29th in the Theater. The times are as follows:

Track & Field team will meet at 6:00 pm

Softball & Baseball teams will meet at 6:30 pm

Boys Golf and Tennis teams will meet at 7:00 pm.

You will need to register online at and also upload your physical.For more information please see Mr. Peterson or Mrs. Holtmeyer in the AD’s office. 1-19

Do you know someone you want to be in the Sweetheart court? You can nominate someone on Ms. Camblin’s door, D105. If the couple is already nominated then add a tally best to their name. The 3 couples that are nominated the most will be put on the ballot. Both students must be in the same grade1-19

Interested in being in next year’s yearbook class?  Applications for the class are in H111 (*yearbook classroom) and the Counseling Center.  Applications are due Wednesday, January 24th.  If you are interested in working with photography, design, or writing while using the latest technology to create Dixon High School’s Yearbook, then apply for the class!  1-19

Want to finally figure out your brain? Come by D-103 to get an application for taking AP Psychology next year! Applications are open to those who will be in 10-12 grade and are due Friday, January 19. 1-19

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