Announcements Wednesday, January 24rd, 2018
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Dixon High School
Dixon High School


Wednesday, January 24rd, 2018

Need money for college?? The counseling center has added new scholarships to the scholarship box. Make sure you stop by to see which ones you are interested in. Better hurry before their deadlines approach! 1-26

CSF! Time to requalify this semester with your last semester grades! Bring in the application (located in room S-135), $5 dues, and your transcript any day this week through Monday (1/29) at lunch to room S-135. First meeting will be on Wednesday, January 31st! Please be there! Yearbook will be taking our picture!

Want to know about medical careers or nursing? If so, Northbay Healthcare School will be presenting on January 25, 2018 at lunch time in H101. There will be free pizza and snacks to those who attend. Please sign up in the Counseling Center. 1-24

All those accepted in the Public Service Academy need to formally confirm their placement with Mr. Rodriguez by Friday 1/26.  Please stop by C102 to fill out your commitment form. 1/26

Yearbook class applications for next year’s class are due Wednesday, January 24th.  Applications for the class are in H111 (*yearbook classroom) and the Counseling Center.  Apply for the class to be on the team that creates next year’s yearbook! 1-24

Black History month celebrations at DHS: interested in having a voice in what those will be? If so, please come to Mrs. Veldsman’s classroom (C-108) on Wednesday. If you cannot make it on Wednesday, please stop by to speak to Mrs. Veldsman during lunch time to share your ideas, or hear the ideas that have already been expressed. 1-24

There will be a Tennis meeting on Thursday during lunch from 12:30-12:45 in room C105. This mandatory meeting is for anyone interested in playing tennis this year. 1-24

Don’t get behind in homework.  Come to the Learning Center to do your homework and get help.  We have tutors here to help you!  The Learning Center is open after 5th and 6th period.  You can also earn elective credits as you do your homework1-25

Love music but never learned to read music? No problem, join choir and get some knowledge to go with those skills. 1-25

The week of 12/12 we will be having a spirit week: 

Monday- Pajama day 

Tuesday- Tacky Tuesday(dress wacky)

Wednesday- Stoplight day 

Thursday-Red(boys) vs. pink(girls) *Rally!!!*

Friday- No school

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