Announcements Tuesday, February 6th 2018
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Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Dixon High School
Dixon High School


Tuesday, February 6th 2018


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS!! Be able to remember your incredible school year though the printed memories of a yearbook! Yearbooks are being sold every Friday at the Student Store for $80, nameplates are no longer available for purchase. 2/6

Students, there is a new scholarship available. Be sure to stop by the counseling center and check out the scholarship box. 2/8

We want to congratulate the Academic Decathlon.  Dixon High Students Brian Peters, Dakota Jamison, April Chai, Dereck Vicevich Angel Calderon and Beau Carbajal performed very well with numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  Congratulations to all participants and a thank you to Mr. Vlach and Ms. Sundstedt for their dedication to the team. 2/6

Attention students: If you were absent during scheduling for next year, we have scheduled a make-up day for Thursday February 8th during 4th period in the Library.  You must first go to your 4th period class for attendance, then go to the Library. We will also have a sign-in sheet to verify your attendance. 2/7

If you are interested in the Student Speakers Contest, you need to sign up in the Attendance Office before Friday, 2/16/18. 2-8

The GSA will be meeting today at lunch in H109.  Come join us. 2/6

Seniors have you submitted your FAFSA or CA Dreams Act application? There will be a Cash or College event on February 13, 2018 from 5-7pm in the library. Be sure to attend if you have not completed your FAFSA!"  2/8

Seniors! The countdown to graduation is on! Grad Night ticket sales will begin Feb 14th. Packets will be available for pick up from the attendance office and Ms. Brownell starting Tuesday Feb 6th. Packets must be completed to purchase your ticket. Current cost is $50, price increases in March. 2-8

Valentines Flower Grams from Dixon FFA Floral: Send a flower gram to a friend or loved one! Just $5. Find us on the quad at lunch or in J108, must know the recipients 3rd period class! 2-8


Black History Month activities in C-108 Tuesday February 6th, at lunch in Mrs. Veldsman room. Celebrations of & education about Black History. Nonkululeko’s 2-6

The week of 02/19 we will be having a spirit week: 

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Pajama day

Wednesday-Tacky Wednesday (dress wacky)  

Thursday-Spotlight Day

Friday- Red (boys) vs. pink (girls) *Rally!!!* 2-6

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