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BA degree & teaching credential - Calif State University at Chico

Extensive graduate course work at UC Berkeley & UC Davis



I hope you find this site informative and useful.  I think if you use it often it will help us all enjoy and understand Biology and Chemistry better.  It will help you as a learner and it will help provide me with more information & comments from you (my students) about what you think helps and what does not help.  It will make me a more effective teacher.  Please email me with questions, suggestions and thoughts about how our class is going.

I have taught biology, biomedical science, chemistry, anatomy & physiology and earth science for over 30 plus years.  I have coached football, tennis and girls basketball for 20 plus yrs.  I have enjoyed having some great students and athletes during that time.  I retired from teaching at Vanden High School in 2007 and missed the involvement as a teacher in the day-to-day growth in student learning.  In 2008 I started teaching Earth Science, Biology and Chemistry at Dixon High School and enjoy helping guide the bright, talented youth towards their life's goals. 
I believe that students are responsible for learning and learning is a 'self process'  used to make sense of new information and concepts.  The student has the responsibility to attempt assignments, focus on learning opportunities in the class and ask questions when things do not seem to make sense.  The teacher (me) is responsible for doing everything they can to facilitate and make the learning process easier for the students.  It is my job to find ways to communicate the scientific concepts so that all students can process them using their own particular learning style. 
I will post a calendar showing the assigned dates of homework, quizzes, tests, projects and lab reports. 
I will post 'keys' to some homework assignments so students can check their work as they are doing it for homework.
I will post helpful websites that can be used as tutorials


When I am not teaching you might find me bike riding around Dixon, coaching my twin boy's Little League Team or working with my daughter's Lacross practices.